The Highland Seer & Faery Shaman welcome You!

If you wish to learn what it is to walk your natural path then you have come to the right place. Here you will discover your ‘Shaman Within’.

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Mouse over  ABOUT US in the main menue above and you can journey with us a little. Go walk-about with BARBARA MEIKLEJOHN-FREE to discover how she became the Highland Seer and shaman. Or wander through the woods with FLAVIA KATE PETERS to better understand what it is to be a faery shaman. Share their experiences in both the written and spoken form.

firewalkingYou will also find details of WORKSHOPS  that are held at the many events they attend throughout the year (see DIARY DATES for details) where you are most welcome to discuss matters of the heart, soul and spirit. Visit the online SHOP for all things wise and wonderful including clothes, drums, flutes, books, divination decks, music and meditation CD’s and online courses. You can always join us for an intense residential or a READING.

e mock 2017Last but not least, keeping connected… It’s quick and easy, join the mailing list by simply entering your name and email address (over in the right-hand column) and be kept up to date with news, workshops, tour dates, special shop promotions and events, as they happen… just like the upcoming Experience Ancient Egypt tour! Alternatively follow us on facebook or send us an email and let us know how your journey is unfolding!




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