Awakening The Kundalini

kundalini BMJFDo you have fear or anxiety related to sex, or an inability to feel pleasure or to experience an orgasm? Do you have difficulty expressing your sexual or emotional needs, or do you attract abusive or insensitive lovers? Do you lack sexual desire? In our society today we suppress our unconscious wounds. This prevents us from expressing who we are through our sexuality. Theses wounds cause us to repress our sexual energy, stopping the flow of our Kundalini – life force energy to flow through us. It stops us from experiencing our heart to heart connection with both ourselves and others. Our emotional and original ‘woundings’ are from emotional or sexual abuse, taking many different forms; from rape, molestation, harassment and also psychic attack.

This workshop is designed to be delivered in two halves. The first half examines the process of ‘release’ in preparation for the second half where we will look at and experience the power of ‘awakening’. To experience tantra; the awakening of our Kundalini (our inner bliss) we must first have an understanding of where we are wounded and how we can heal this original wounding. Overall we will create a safe, loving and sacred space; a womb of our mother to help nurture and connect once again with the true source of our inner knowing. We will work with soul retrieval, re birthing techniques, accessing the original wounding, shamanic healing and Kundalini energy work to help you to release all wounds and pains, fears and doubts, to enable you to go out into the world healed and whole. In the afternoon we will work towards our ‘awakening’.

Many of us have looked for the right person to come along to ignite our passion, but when we come to the realisation that it is not outside but within ourselves, and then we become empowered to really understand and awaken to our true souls. The result is that our gifts and talents flow effortlessly as we reawaken to who we truly are. Now is the time for your journey, one you have been waiting for. Please bring with you a blanket and pillow, wear loose clothing all shamanic tools,will be provided.

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