Dream Weaving (Making sense of Signs, Messages & Visions)

Oracles of Old were once employed to use the lost art of dream weaving – interpreting dreams and visions by connecting to other worlds, by leaders of the ancient lands. Especially prevalent in difficulty say before a great battle or when faced with major decisions, as films like Gladiator, 300 and Merlin touch upon. More recently visions in a dream-like state have sparked films like Close Encounters, where individuals feel a need to act on their visions for a greater purpose.

In truth dreams are indeed a most useful tool and outlet for our souls and for our waking mind’s ability to make sense of all the worlds and realms we inhibit, as well as dealing with and processing everyday situations.

In this workshop all you need do is bring your dreams and visions. Barbara  and Flavia will help you connect to the worlds from which they come and will also interpret their meaning and how you can use them to weave yourself a better experience of the life.

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