Psychic Protection & Spiritual Safeguards

In our beginnings every culture held a deep respect for observing wise customs and maintaining boundaries between themselves and harmful energies, both from the Spirit world and the people around them. In our world today we have problems because we no longer know how to protect ourselves.

We have forgotten how to use our basic instincts. We are allowing both our fears and other people’s fears to drain us. This causes problems on many different levels of our life, including health and relationships issues.

Cause and effect works on many levels. All our thoughts, intentions, and deeds have a profound effect upon both the physical and metaphysical sides of this world. We need to look at how our thoughts and feelings impact others. By learning the sacred art of psychic protection you will begin to understand ‘psychic attack’, both where it comes from and how you can stop  your energy being depleted by others and yourself. By setting your sacred boundaries, you will be keeping your connection to the source of all life.

In this workshop you will also learn about keeping your house clear of any uninvited guests, transforming negative feelings into powerful positive ones. By walking between the worlds you will be able to connect with your gatekeepers and protectors to ensure that your psychic protection is in place at all times, including the ‘Dreamtime’. You will also learn all about psychic self defense and how to create your own destiny.

When you open the doors to the Spirit world, your psychic awakening takes place. To ensure balance in your life at all times, you need to understand when it is time to close those doors to rest, nurture, and take care of you.

Tool needed: a purple candle for a releasing ceremony, a notebook and pen.

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