Sacred Sage, Sacred Space

The smudging ceremony has been a sacred ritual for the Native Americans (as for many tribal people worldwide) for thousands of years. It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical and spiritual bodies. It is used to clear energy fields. Each and every one of us has an auric field which can take on negative energy if not cleared. The sage clears and centres us in a grounded way, bringing our physical body and our spiritual body together into an understanding that we are all related and interconnected with each other, animals, plants, rock, crystals, elements, and all of Nature.

In this workshop we will learn how to work with sage and other herbs native to our lands. We will work with the elements, directions, and tools learning how to smudge rooms to create a sacred space, cleaning of your own energy field, and that of others for healing , smudging your personal crystals and tools, using feathers as a fan to cleanse and clear and change everything around you, also learning about sweetgrass, cedar, and other herbs. We will be taking a shamanic journey with your chosen herb, to learn about the medicine of our inner self. Throughout this world there is a herb or plant that can combat any illness. We need to go back and honour the wisdom of our ancestors who understood the old ways and integrate the old with the new, bringing all our relations together as one people, one tribe, honouring who you are though the ways of sacred ceremony and sacred herbs.

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