Within all people is a magical quality and spiritual wisdom that our ancestors recognised and connected with, as part of daily life. Now is the time to unlock these ancient ways and weave them into modern day. Allow us to share with you the teachings of natural magic and initiate through the rites of passage and engage with the craft of the wise. Experience our powerful manifestation and spellcasting abilities and release your fears and create the life you desire. Discover within yourself, what has allowed us to become the UKs most revered wise women.

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To make the most of our online presence jump on a broomstick with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free to discover how she became The Highland Seer, or wander through the woods with Flavia Kate Peters to better understand what it is to be a Faery Shaman and Celtic Mystic. Share in their wisdom via the written and spoken form, and discover the many healing talents they have to offer, such as  Mediumship Demonstrations, Initiations & Sacred Journeys.

Find details of TALKS &  WORKSHOPS  that are held at events throughout the year (see DIARY DATES for details) including Arrow Breaking, Fire Walking, Sweatlodge & more… And if you are seeking specific guidance, have a truly insightful READING. 

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