Just because… (a reminder to those who seek to teach and those who seek a teacher)

Hello All

I recently ran my workshop ‘Healing the Orginal Wounding’, where only 4 out of 50 people had ever heard of these terms, or attened a MBS workshop, or heard of my work before… My first thought was, ‘Wow, great lots of ‘new’ people…’ But then I was overcome with a sense of real responsibility. What had drawn them to this, was it something about the words used, or are there a great number of people now feeling a sense of urgency to ‘heal’ or fill a hole? I was suddenly aware that people could be so easily engaged and now more than ever I would need to look at and be mindful of what I was teaching, how I was teaching it and my responsiblity to do this from a place of integrity and heart. It reminded me of the following…

Just because… (a teacher’s pledge)

Just because I speak, it will never stop me listening.
Just because I have answers, it will never stop me admitting the unknown.
Just because I stand before you, it will never stop me bending to support you.
Just because you listen, it will never take away your voice.
Just because you lack answers, it will never deminish what you already know.
Just because you are my pupil, it will never undermine all you can teach me.

In life we all ‘teach’; influence others, by our words and deeds. This is very powerful and the more others are willing to listen or follow what you say or do, the more you need to be sure that you are doing this for the positive reasons, to share ‘give-away’, not to create an attactment that keeps others having to come back to you, and only you, time and time again. Likewise if you are looking for answers, explanations, solutions then listen more to your inner being, ask questions of your prospective teacher, look them in the eye, ask others who have worked/studied with them. Even when it comes to ‘spirituality’ there are plenty of people who hide there insecurities and inadequacies behind big publicity, flash ad campaigns, celebrity endorsments and so on… don’t be taken in. A good teacher will wait to be invited in!

Love & Blessings

Barbara X

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