We’re never alone!

A fond Hello dear Sisters and Brothers

As you might be able to tell from my ‘blogging’ absence, much has been rearing its head and under foot (well, on-my-foot, as I have managed to break a couple of toes). But it is all part of the experience, as we say. A huge part of my recent experiences, that I would like to share, has been meeting up with Grandmother Jean (see picture taken in Taos over Easter) recently in America. I have had the honour of knowing her for over five years now and in her position as a Cherokee Elder and ‘medicine-woman’ she brings so much to the table, upon which we can all feast.

A great example of her nurturing ways showed itself when I asked why the pueblo at Taos was closed to the public. She explained that at this time there were men and boys in the Kivas beneath the sacred site, in profound prayer – sending healing for Mother Earth. As great as the changes that our planet is experiencing, the strength of the human spirit matches these changes, holds our ‘Mother’ together, as peoples all over the world, in sacred and beautiful places, unite to pray for peace, harmony and unity for all. Never, for one second, despair at the thought of being alone. Know that around this precious Earth men, women and children are praying for us all. One prayer, one voice, one heart together.


Barbara X



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