Let it rain…

Hello again dear Sisters and Brothers!

Well what a summer it is proving to be. I have spent many weekends squelching my way across the country from one festival to another with the sense that our Earth has become a giant sponge underfoot. What this has given me is the stark reminder that our Great Mother really does have all the cards, and more often than not we simply have to make the best of what she deals out in her infinite wisdom. And added to the testing climatic conditions of the past couple of months is the ever increasing economic squeeze, so in the end those wonderful souls who do make every effort to attend the workshops, talks, courses and seminars are seriously interested in discovering more, healing deeper, sharing more, walking further along their path.

It is always easier for us to sing, dance and celebrate when the sun is out, when life is going well, when tomorrow is far from our minds. But to look within and seek to make changes, trust that there is a reason beyond our knowing to sing, dance and celebrate in the pouring rain takes real courage and strength. To all those whose path I have had the honour to share recently I smile at you and thank you for sharing your strength and courage at this time, your honesty and enthusiasm make my path so much firmer underfoot.

Blessings Always

Barbara X

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