The truth of everyone’s inner reality is now being revealed. The curtain of illusion has fallen and we are able to see the truth of the ‘self’ aspect of each and everyone. So a world of lies that one may live within will now show to others, and yes of course to those who live in that place will believe it is the truth, because it is their truth, and they know no difference between the worlds of lies and the real truth of all that is light.

As the planets move into alignment so we too are being energetically drawn to those in alignment with the energy we resonate at, or pulled away from those who no longer match our frequency. ‘There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth’ as those living in darkness experience their greatest fears that they have pulled to themselves to through their constant thoughts and worries. Nightmares made manifest. They watch and see those they wanted for themselves, those in the light that they tried to feed from, ascend to new life and slip from their grip of control. The gateway to personal hell for many has now opened, whilst others experience a new heaven and take their place for the greatest show on earth. This truly is a time of death and rebirth.

Flavia Kate Peters

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