Raising The Standards

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Just recently I heard the UK government is embarking once again on a nuclear power programme that not only most people are against, when we still do not have a credible solution to dealing with the potentially catastrophically dangerous waste from the old plants. This is just another example of short term, profit driven greed over common sense and planetary custodianship that is escalating globally. On a more insidious scale, large corporation like Monsanto, BP and Bayer (to name just a few) go about their way quietly buying out and up the ‘rights’ to seeds, energy, ‘green’RB engineering, plant medicines not in order to help us now but to reap the rewards when our current solutions have been depleted, and it will cost us dearly again. We have large supermarket chains that manipulate prices, dictate to suppliers, impoverish sweat shop workers and leave us with substandard food and goods. But we can reclaim our personal responsibility, take a stand and raise the bar. See who else is right now…

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