The Spoken Word

Over the years  we have been blessed to lend a few ‘chosen words’ and make the odd TV and Radio appearance, in addition to the stage work across the country and beyond. Below are some of the highlights…

2017 Flavia becomes Hay House’s resident ‘Faery Seer’. Here we see her filming for her first, eagerley anticipated online Faery Course, to soon be followed by her first book with this famous publisher of all things MBS.

2016 Barbara and Flavia appeared in channel W’s first ever  ‘Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live’ called in as the resident witches to provide an authentic element to the opening ceremony.chhl banner

The publication of the first ever Sacred Sites oracle cards by Watkins Publishing, inspired Steve Nobel to speak to Barbara about the energies and deities of these amazing cards…barbara watkins podcast

2013 Barbara was a guest on ITV’s popular ‘This Morning’ programme discussing NDE (Near Death Experiences) with presenters Phil and Holly and fellow guest Prof Chris French.As seen on ITV's 'This Morning'

In 2012 Barbara was asked to take part in Channel Four’s innovative documentary series ‘The Audience’, in which 50 strangers help a person make a life-changing decision…

Barbara was asked to give her insight as to who would win X-Factor, see here how she does… and pictured with winner Leona Lewis.

 Leona and Barbara

Barbara with Tim Wheater headling and performing at MBS London 2010…

And elsewhere…

  • On NBC television and Good Morning America.
  • Spain’s largest english speaking radio show, Radio Europe Mediterraneo 91.9 FM interveiwed on air with Sid Olivera.
  • Guest appearance on the David White show (BBC Cornwall). Click here to listen to the interview in MP3 format.
  • Radio show ‘Soul Adventures’ on