Fire Walk

fire walk picFire walking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot coal embers. It is an intense, but empowering experience, of personal transformation. Working with fire is essential to purifying the body, spirit and heart, and can be used for healing and creating fruition in our lives. Firewalking is an ancient ritual of initiation. It is seen by some as an ‘adrenaline rush’ experience, a personal development tool, and by others as a deeply spiritual act.  It is inherently dangerous, and yet thousands of people have walked the coals unharmed.

We employ the Fire Walk ceremony as a symbolic rite of passage into a new way of being. Taking part in a Fire Walk allows you to release energetic and emotional burdens to the Fire, and make way for new beginnings. Participants will release all that no longer serves them and have the uplifting experience of making a physical commitment to their chosen path forward – clarifying their vision for the future, and gathering all their courage, passion and focus into taking that first step towards it, knowing that as in life, there are risks involved and fears to be faced in order to make dreams come true.

In the moment of choosing to walk on fire, we give ourselves an opportunity to affirm our trust in our own power and magic, to demonstrate our ability to use our fear for transformation, and to rekindle our passion for our visions of what could be. The Fire Walk experience is a dramatic feat of courage and commitment, and also an opportunity of setting positive goals for the future, and letting go of old blocks and fears.

Sundoor logoSundoor logoBarbara Meiklejohn-Free is a veteran Sundancer, FireKeeper and ceremonial pipe holder. Flavia Kate Peters is a fully qualified Firewalk Instructor with SUNDOOR.