Calling to the White Tribe (Guest Publication)


There are two kinds of people in this world. One seeks wisdom; the other, seeks gratification. One is angered by injustice; the other is unconcerned. One rejects dogma and thinks independently; the other blindly bows to authority, ridiculing free thinkers.One stands up to oppression; the other does nothing… Which one are you?

ED McGAA, EAGLE MAN was a Teton Oglala Lakota (Sioux) regarded as a world-leader in advocating indigenous wisdoms. As an author his best-selling books include Native Wisdom and Mother Earth Spirituality.

By Ed McGaa, Eagle Man
Foreword by Barabara Meiklejohn-Free
Extent: 240 pages
ISBN: 9781782791348

We, in modern Europe, have strayed from our Natural Path. Our rich ancestral wisdoms are in danger of being lost, plunging us into chaos and despair as we tear ourselves away from the energy that created and sustains us. Using the Lakota Tribe as both an example and a beacon, Calling to the White Tribe exposes Organized Religion, false Democracies, Superstition and modern-man lifestyle models for the destructive forces they really are in order that generations to come will be free and know the value and purpose of humanity’s place on Mother Earth.

What others have said about this book:

Sometimes it takes ‘an outsider’ to remind us that we must first look within to bring about necessary change. Part history lesson, part moral reminder with more than a cynical pinch of ‘wake up’ salt, this book packs a punch. The reader is educated, entertained and at times brow-beaten into looking at what really matters in this life. Ed McGaa, ‘Eagle Man’, never from his truth and once again he delivers a book that encourages us to regain ours and stand up for it. Kate Osborne, esoteric writer and editor.