Crow in A, G and F#


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The Crow flutes are inlayed with turquoise cabochons and are walnut that is Ebonized. This is a process used in the early 1900. Even though the wood was already rare and costly, Ebony furniture was popular at that time. To compensate for that, wood workers developed a dyeing process called Ebonizing. Unlike a stain, the dyeing process penetrates the wood fiber deeply simulating the black texture of Ebony. Walnut is ideal for this process because it has a dark brown grain that streaks through the black dye giving it a similar look to Ebony. This process does not change the sound quality of the wood. These flutes sound like the walnut versions of the Sparrow Hawk, Golden Eagle and Redtail Hawk flutes. All these fultes come in a fleece bag with an instruction manual and DVD.