Egyptian Chakra Healing Oils


Activate your energy wheels, the meridians that connect all within and the power of oils to heal ‘sensitively’. In ancient Egypt, Imhotep, who was a grand Vizier, used oils and herbs in 2780 B.C. during healing rituals and ceremonies. By using the oils to access the deep spiritual mysteries of the chakras we can access our soul’s truth. Now it is your opportunity to discover the benefits…

We need to understand how our emotions work on a much deeper level. To do this we need to activate our pineal gland or third eye. This gland links the physical and spiritual worlds  and is located near the centre of the brain between the two hemispheres linking the mundane and the sacred together as one. The amygdala, which processes our emotions  and is part of the limbic system, is used when smelling the oils. Smell takes a direct route to the limbic brain were emotional memories are stored.

Everything you need is provided, including three wonderful CDs that guide you, enhance your senses further and allow you the sacred space in which to navigate to and then integrate your soul’s knowing. The CDs make up the Sacred Alchemy range; Journey to the Soul, Chakra & Ambient Chill (available seperately also).

By using this sacred practice we finely tune our chakras and emotions to cleanse and clear all ancestral pain and traumas and heal ourselves as a hollow bone for the spirit world to flow through us. For over 25 years since I first visited Egypt I have been using these ancient sacred oils for both healing and in ceremonies to access and work with the world of spirit and our souls time lines.

Incudes: *Oils (8ml all made in Egypt): Lotus, Sandalwood, Amber Kashmir, Damaskan Rose, Jasmin, Musk & red Amber. To purchase these oils indiviually would cost £150. *Application Tools *3 CDs *Full Instructions.