Invocation by The Daughters of Gaia


“In the beginning was the sound…” and thus begins the ultimate journey into the realms of musical landscapes and vocal temptation, leading the listener into a world of mystery, magic and passion. This album is the culmination of a two year voyage across oceans of experience, love and spirituality, resulting in a crescendo of melody and ecstasy, made manifest in sound. This album is created from a mixture of dance and acoustic instruments, blending organic soundscapes, strong beats and epic vocals. Featuring special guests: Alaa el-din Siam from Nubia playing bongos and Egyptian drums, classic rock guitar from Ritchie Dave Porter, didjeridoo from Gary Knight and urban grooves from Christian Campbell. The Daughters of Gaia are represented on this album by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Karen Kay and Cara Bamford.

Listen to a sample track