Rock the Goddess by The Daughters of Gaia


Pure fun that celebrates all that is wild and unrepressed in women!

The Daughters of Gaia, along with other wild women, give it up in a flamboyant presentation to ‘wild witchy’ dance music. Pure fun that celebrates all that is wild and unrepressed in women. The Daughters of Gaia break all the rules when it comes to New Age Music. Firstly it’s not meditative, in fact you can’t keep still, and they combine full on dance beats, with real bass guitar and drum kit that add life and another dimension to the music. Secondly, it’s got wild ‘woo woo’ guitar on some songs, like fire in the water; sending shivers up your spine. Finally the album wouldn’t be complete without layers of lush vocals supporting the liberating lyrics that celebrate the feminine divine in us all. More details:

1.   We are the Witches
2.   Born of water
3.   Daughters of Gaia
4.   Standing in my power
5.   Reawakening
6.   Ancient Mother
7.   Rock the Goddess
8.   Lady Spin
9.   Woman Spirit
10. Blessed Be