Walking The Sacred Wheel… The Complete East Gate (Mar 21 – Jun 20)

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Journey through The ‘Mystical’ East Gate – Way of the Visionary (Mar 21 – Jun 20) which comprises of an Introductory Lesson to the ’East’ and a further 3 comprehensive Lessons (Budding of the Trees Moon, Frogs Returning Moon & Planting Moon) covering the Spring time on your path to The Shaman Within…


The ‘Mystical’ East Gate – Way of the Visionary with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and in partnership with Sacred Circles Institute, CA, USA.

This 70+ page, easy to read PDF includes a week-by-week guide, extensive information and explanations of the ancestral wisdoms relating to this period and practical exercises, invocations and meditations, broken down as follows:

  • East Gate Introductory Lesson Aspects of the Way of the Visionary include; Illumination & Enlightenment. This lesson, as with all introductions to the Gates, contains the most indepth analysis of the elements, energy and power of the East. It demonstrates how all aspects of the natural and super-natural worlds play their part in our understanding and experience of this time of year, relating to particular aspects of our mind, body and spirit – connecting to our soul’s knowing. In particular we look at Deeper Levels of Truth & Exploring the Edges.
  • Budding of the Trees Moon (Mar 21 – Apr 19) Discovering the Living Tree is core to this lesson and includes; Mayan Solar Ceremony, Spiritual Duty, Birth Scripts, Change & Choice, Vision Quests and Divine access to Spirit.
  • Frogs Returning Moon (Apr 20 – May 20) Stability (Balancing Earth & Sky) covers the following areas of understanding; Web of Power, Walking Meditation, Right relationship, Personal Clarity, Element of Fire and Reclaiming Personal Power.
  • Planting Moon (May 21 – Jun 20) Making your Own Medicine looks at the practical application of the wisdoms taught and includes; Spiritual Quest, Visioning, Path Map, Nature Power, Spiritual Helpers & Totems, Sound, Making your own Spirit Bag, Releasing & Transforming and the Inner Fire.

This Gate makes up one part of the ‘Walking The Sacred Wheel, The Shaman Within’ course – one of the most authentic, comprehensive and well researched of their kind and not only offers the opportunity for great learning and spiritual development provides one of the best ‘Shamanic Almanacs’ available to date.

*NB If this is you first purchase on this course, please ensure you first purchase the Introductory Lesson

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