Walking The Sacred Wheel… The Complete West Gate (Sep 23 – Dec 21)

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The ‘Ancient’ West Gate (Sep 23 – Dec 21) comprises of an Introductory Lesson to the ‘West’ and a further 3 comprehensive Lessons (Migration Moon, Frost and Freeze Moon & Snowy Moon) covering the Autumn/Falll time of the calender year (Northern Hemisphere).


Journey through The ‘Ancient’ West Gate – Way of the Spiritual Warrior with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and in partnership with Sacred Circles Institute, CA, USA.

This smartly presented, easy to read PDF includes a week-by-week guide, extensive information and explanations of the ancestral wisdoms relating to this period and practical exercises, invocations and meditations, broken down as follows:

  • West Gate Introductory Lesson  Aspects of the Way of the Spiritual Warrior include; Inner Knowing, Detachment, & Right use of Power. This lesson, as with all introductions to the Gates, contains the most indepth analysis of the elements, energy and power of the West. It demonstrates how all aspects of the natural and super-natural worlds play their part in our understanding and experience of this time of year, relating to particular aspects of our mind, body and spirit – connecting to our soul’s knowing. In particular we look at the Transformation & Way of the Spiritual Warrior, Autumn/Fall Equinox and Festivals & Celebrations.
  • Migration Moon (Sep 23 – Oct 23) Navigating the Web of Chaos is explored in this lesson, highlights include; Transformation, Mirrors, Shadows, Enemies & Evil, Attunement and Shape Changing.
  • Frost and Freeze Moon (Oct 24 – Nov 21) Travelling the Symbolic Landscape is a journey about the meaning and purpose of the following aspects; Time, Doorway to the Divine, Samhain, Ceremony with the Moon, Sacred Marriage, Names, Fasting and Dreaming.
  • Snowy Moon (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Journey of the Wheel lies at the heart of this lesson and highlights explore: Your Story, Truth, Mindsets, Forgiveness, The Element of Water and making your own Medicine Blanket.

This Gate makes up one part of the ‘Walking The Sacred Wheel, The Shaman Within’ course – one of the most authentic, comprehensive and well researched of its kind. It not only offer the opportunity for great learning and spiritual development but combine to provide one of the best ‘Shamanic Almanacs’ available to date.

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