Walking The Sacred Wheel… The Thirteenth Moon (Year One Completion Lesson)

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Congratulations, reaching this point in your journey is time for great celebration! This lesson gently but powerfully wraps up all that has come to pass on your Wheel Walk. Glance too, if you wish, at what lies ahead in the next stage of your spiritual growth as this lesson provides the bridge into the ‘Centre’ where the ‘Wisdom Tree’ awaits to continue your journey into authenticity, transparency and wholeness… and to teach or share it with others.

This is the Final Lesson of the fully accredited course that is designed to encompass an entire calendar year and provides the student with a truly grounded and solid foundation in the ways of earth traditions, rites, rituals, tools and understandings. As with all authentic earth traditions, this course is lead by the seasons, so you can start at anytime.

The 13th Moon Lesson includes:

  • Stepping Into The Centre
  • Your written account/response to all you have learned/experienced during your years journey/walk around the Wheel
  • A summary of all that has been covered in your teachings, the widoms passed on, rites, ritual and practises.
  • A glimpse into the year ahead should you choose to continue with your spiritual growth and take up the opportunities ‘Year Two – Wisdom Tree’ has to offer. The Entire Course Fee is £390 (save more money buy purchasing complete ‘Gates’ at a time bringing the overall price down to £350, or purchase the entire course for just £300), which includes the PDFs and access to course facilitators should you have any questions or wish to discuss any subjects in more detail.

This course leads onto a further years study at the end of which the student will, based on a ‘pass’ on completion, be fully accredited to Teach Shamanic Practices. This second year is by no means compulsory, but if undertaken includes four residentials which must be attended at any of the following venues; Earth Spirit in Glastonbury, Atlow Mill in Derbyshire, Brightlife on The Isle of Man to name a few…

System Requirements
* You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF – click here to download onto your PC

*Payments are non-refundable.