Barbara & Flavia facilitate a range of exceptional workshops, talks, demonstrations and performances across the UK and abroad. Please browse through the selection below and click on the workshops that interest you, then check out the DIARY DATES page to find out when and where you can take part. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to join the mailing list (on the right menu of each page) to have the latest news, updates, workshop details and offers delivered straight to your inbox.


  • Faery Witchcraft
  • Faery Magic
  • Faery Moon Magic
  • Mermaid Magic
  • Unicorn Healing
  • Elemental Awakening
  • Dragon Delights
  • Crystal Healing & Connection
  • How to Tune into your Angels
  • Angel Answers
  • Embracing the Shadow Side
  • Awakening the Inner Mystic
  • Goddess Connection & Pilgrimage
  • Wheel of the Year

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Have you booked Barbara & Flavia for your event? Here is a quick checklist to help things run smoothly:

  • Workshops Please feel free to view the main page and copy both text and images of any workshop that you wish to promote at your event then email  with your request.
  • Stands Spiritvisions has an extensive range of wonderful products that she carries as part of her ‘on the road Emporium’. Please view the online shop and if you feel there are any products that would sell particularly well at you event contact us
  • Book Signing If you would like to set aside time for Barbara & Flavia to sign their books and oracle decks, ensuring your visitors get the treat of a signed copy, please contact us.
  • Insurance To receive copies please email at least 28 days prior to the event.

If you are a workshop organiser and need information please feel free to copy text and photos from the relevant workshop section.

*While shamanic practices/spiritual healing is not a replacement to conventional medicine or psychotherapy, it is often used successfully as a complement. Holistic therapy of this nature has been known to help some people where other methods have failed. However, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention or other professional advice for any symptoms you may be experiencing. We are neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist. We do not prescribe medicine. Always consult a physician about any physical or mental problems you may have.