Is there anybody out there? (mediumship demonstration)

Barbara and Flavia give  mediumship demonstration from the world of Spirit, bringing through evidence and proof that there is life after death. With each of their unique ways of showing us that we are not alone, they will share with you, your loved one’s messages and wisdom from the world of spirit, with laughter, joy and integrity. Come with an open heart and mind, ready to be amazed at the accuracy of the information given by Spirit. Barbara has been working with the Spirit World since she was a little girl having seen Spirit since she was three. She has worked at the Arthur Findley College as a course organiser, and now works at the College of Psychic Studies in London. She has travelled around the world giving mediumship demonstrations and is sought after for her no-nonsense approach and very specific messages. Flavia’s method has a lighter energy about it and often incorporates a sketch of the message bringer adding even greater validation.

Participant’s Experience…

I feel truth, honesty and confirmation upon speaking as she (Barbara) relays the message, a message I had longed for, a message from the space in between the here, now and then. A sort of peace eases my soul, those words spoken with such sincerity, a special gift… My soul illuminates colour, the wings are now forming each feather opening. The walk toward the smile, a life changing moment, such an impact, the next step, best foot forward, never the same walk as before, my destination has now changed. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free ‘The Highland Seer’ I am met with her free spirit, she changes my life with words spoken, those words, names, people, she could never have known had she not connected. Becoming a vessel, a channel for my confirmation of the presence of my loved ones, the presence is relayed in her tone, a voice I find touching, emotional, soothing and full of woman power. 

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