Power Animals

native and power animalsAll creatures, great and small, carry much wisdom and power. Our ancient tribal shamanic traditions taught that every one of us has Guardian Power Animals that watch over us and protect us from our early childhood. They are our helping spirits and are essential in any work we do in our everyday life. In current society we have lost our connection to our friends and allies. It is important to honour your Power Animals and value the gifts that are given freely.

In this workshop we will go on a journey to the lower worlds to discover your Power Animals and how they protect you from illness and the negative energy that can enter your body. By learning the techniques of shape-shifting you awaken your inner vision, to see through the eyes of your Guardian Power Animal that will watch over, protect, and journey with you wherever you go. Learn to work with the different medicines that each Power Animal has. Barbara will also explain the meaning of the Power Animals that visit you in the Dreamtime. You will learn to facilitate and integrate their Medicine within you to show you your true strengths and abilities.

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