Reawakening the Goddess

Deep within each of us is an intense call to reawaken ourselves to our feminine spirit which has been asleep for thousands of years. Many of us have looked for the right person to come along to ignite our passion, but when we come to the realisation that it is not ‘outside’ but ‘within’ ourselves then we become empowered to really understand and awaken to our true selves. The result is our gifts and talents flow effortlessly. Now is the time for your journey, one you have been waiting on, for deep inside of you is a calling to discover yourself; to know your real name, to sing your spirit alive, to dance yourself into bliss and joy, to laugh until your heart is full of love and life, to smile and set the world alight with your passion and fire, to look deep into the windows of your soul through the eyes of trust and understand that you are beautiful, unique and special, because there is only one of you in this entire Universe. The Goddess resides in you.

In this workshop we will be looking at the myths and legends of the Goddess, and learn how we can welcome this beautiful energy into our every day life, through dance, song, music and poetry – all you need is an open heart for you already know her. It is she who moves you into the dance, she is the music of your life, it is time. All drums, flutes, dance skirts, and music will be provided.

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