Sacred Journey to the Soul (Reclaiming Your Past Lives)

In this workshop we will be looking at how our past lives affect our present day living and how the pain of the past is keeping us from being totally whole and complete in our lives today. If you can remember who you were in past lives you can remove all blockages from these lives including; pains, fears, phobias, relationships problems and health difficulties. We can heal via different past life regression techniques. By looking at your different reincarnations you will start to see, unfolding in front of your eyes, a new you, a changed you, a soul that is eternal that returns again and again to grow as a spiritual being to become stronger, more loving, more caring, more balanced, and to one day, once again, to be united with Spirit. We will be working and discovering who your soulmates are and looking at the relationships you have had in the past with them – as many of these relationships are created again in this life time. We will discover who our twin flame is, and where they are in our lives today.

We create our own reality; it is our own choice to step out of negative ways of living if it is not in tune with our life purpose. So we will also explore ‘karma’ and how it affects us in our everyday life. We will be looking at dreams and visions and how they shape our free will and destiny, and how our guides and guardians come and teach us in the dreamtime about our past lives. We will also be using ‘soul retrieval’ to help us bring back the missing parts of our soul to feel complete again. By doing this we can walk into our future lives as fully realised human beings. Know thyself; who you where, who you are now, and who you will become – past present future as one. Walk out of the past into the future with ‘the present’ of today.

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