Scrying (The Ancient Art Of The Seer)

For millenia people have been using ancient ways of ‘seeing’ (scrying) into the past, present and the future, using many different tools; crystals, stones, water, sand, clouds, fire mirrors, and more more. Scrying is the doorway into time and space, and by gazing into the object, it produces a light hypnotic trance that allows you to see information, for both yourself and others. This information can arrive in the form of pictures, symbols, letters, impressions, and sensations.

In this workshop you will also learn how to charge your tools and crystals, ready for the journey. Come with me and step though the doorways of time and discover your inner seer, and connect with the spirit of the crystals, rocks, fire, water, and of all living things. All scrying tools will be provided but please bring your own crystals and stones.

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