Shamanic Crystal Healing

Healing crystals and ancient stones have been honoured and used by medicine people, healers and shamans since the beginning of time. Some shamanic cultures believed that the shaman held a special crystal within his or her body and this inner wisdom was used to help and assist with journeying to the Spirit World for help with healing & divination.

In the first part of this workshop we will look at how we use our crystal helpers to journey and connect to the spirit of the Stone People. To build up a relationship with our healing crystal we will also look at how we can travel to the dream time and explore the different ways of distant healing. We will look at cleansing and smudging of our sacred crystals and stones. In the second part of this workshop we will look at soul retrieval and extractions using our shamanic crystals, in addition we will take a journey with our crystals to search for our inner visions and make a connection with our Spirit Guides and Helpers.

I have been working in the field of shamanic healing for over thirty years, learning the Celtic/Druid healing ways, and combining it with the teachings of the Native American medicine people. I also work along side allopathic doctors and psychologists to bridge the gap between the conventional and complementary medicines though the world of shamanic healing. Please bring with you; a crystal, stone, feather, and an open heart.

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