Shamanic Healing

Babs calling in tentIn all ancient cultures and tribal communities since the very beginning of time, shamanic healing has been used as a powerful healing technique as it is a natural and intuitive way of working at a very deep level to track back and heal the original wounding, caused by past life traumas, or woundings from this life time, we will look at the energy fields surrounding the body, and how using shamanic healing we can rebalance and realign the metal, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, to work in harmony with one another and regain your power loss and your connection to the web of life once again. In this workshop we will be working with and experiencing the difference between Trance, Spiritual, Shamanic and Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem healing.

Barbara has been working in the field of Cross Culture Shamanism for over 30 years; she has been a Reiki and Sekhem Teacher for over 20 years, travelling around the world working with different medicine men and woman to gain a deeper understanding of healing the self. Her first hand experiences of three death and rebirths gives her the vision and understanding of soul healing. Healer heal thyself, first.

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