Songs of the Flute

The origins of the flute are embedded in the cultures of the ancient people who did not have written music. All the spiritual songs and techniques were passed down by the elders though rituals and practice, their music coming from the heart with emotions, feelings and understanding. Many of us have forgotten these teachings, but when we start to create music from within ourselves, working with the flute, it teaches us about what is already inside. The beautiful, sometimes haunting, sounds will start to emerge through the life force of our breath and music of our soul. ‘Be still and know thyself,’ is an ancient saying, for out of song comes the wisdom and knowledge that only you can bring forth. Without using words let the music of your soul touch and reconnect to the very core of your being.

In this workshop you will discover that you do not need to know or read music as you play from the heart. And it is so easy to do. The most ancient of peoples are the Tree People, who are the flute. They know the songs of the flute should be shared with everyone. The only thing you will need is yourself and a deep passion to awaken your spiritual song through your breath. Come and try it, it is so freeing. All flutes will be provided.

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