The Spirit of the Drum

Hand held shamanic drums, among the oldest know musical instruments, have helped us to understand much about ourselves. Mother Earth and Nature with all its sounds has taught us all about music and given us the tools to make it. The skin from four legged animals which cover the drum, and the wood, from the tree people ,together remind us that life is a circle, no beginning no end. The drum is her heart beat, it reconnects us back to her, we walk on this earth every day and sometimes we forget how much she has given us, when we work with the shamanic drum, it brings us back into balance with all of nature, and we listen once again to the rhythms of our own heartbeat. The drum is the spirit horse that carries us between the two worlds, taking us on a journey into new worlds, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us something very deep, very old of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing rooting ourselves into the Earth.

In this workshop we will work with the different beats, different sounds, using them in healing, meditation, journey work, trance, dance, songs, and many other ways. We will drum in the different sacred directions, honouring each one, so we have a greater understanding of the way of the drum. Our greatest teacher is ourselves listen to your heartbeat though the drum and then you will know yourself. All drums will be provided.

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