The Heart of all Knowing (Awakening the Inner Seer)

Heart of all KnowingEvery single one of us has the gift of seership and by empowering ourselves, trusting ourselves, holding true the visions we have seen since early childhood, and follow our dreams we can become self-realised and start the healing process within ourselves. We can start to see our soul mates and the connections in all the relationships around us; past, present and the future, we can travel the time lines, heal and love ourselves unconditionally.

We have the support of our loved ones in the Spirit World, as we connect to all that is, Mother Nature and Father Sky united as one, its time to reclaim our natural and ancient birthright, to connect to our spiritual nature, to move from self to the soul the heart of all knowing. We are tomorrows ancestors, let us reclaim our forgotten souls, and share with our future generations, how to walk between both worlds, that every experience has a purpose and a meaning, we need to follow our instincts, and our inner knowing, combining both our spirit guides and earth walkers, to bring us into balance as one.

In this workshop we will explore, working with our Spirit Guides, Gatekeepers, and Ancestors. Join Barbara on a voyage of discovering your true wise and beautiful soul, which is ready to burst forth, like a seed emerging for the first time into the world of light, see this world through the eyes of a seer, your true self, reach for the stars, know that anything is possible if you believe and trust in yourself.

Participant’s Expereince…

I am in awe of such a presence of pure magnificence, of humanity, a smile that opens my heart to a colourful world where I have met a rainbow in human form, a flight of colourful feathers it is here I begin to fly. A personality and presence that to me means powerful, knowledge and wisdom keeper… I listen attentively at her words not wanting to miss a thing, wisdom echoes from the Scottish Highlands, whispers from avatars of the past reach out to me from the depths of the Amazon, feeling this from her presence and being, knowledge and guidance sings from Mother Earth. I am flying, a feeling written on my journey of self-discovery, a true meant to be moment, it had arrived and I had felt it, deep within my soul, the Highland Seer, Shaman, High Priestess and Elder had given me a true gift of confirmation. Barbara is such a beautiful genuine soul I am intrigued wanting to know more about the daughter of Gaia, a presence and kindness I will always remember. Her words relayed identifying with my life, will echo forever, deep within, be my constant companion when at times I feel like giving up. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free a person that somehow changed my life with her words, her life, if followed, will change yours, FOREVER! You just have to believe. C. Bostock

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