The magic of Spell Casting for everyday living

Do you want to learn how to cast spells, to find your soul mate, success at work, money and prosperity, and how to protect your self and your loved ones?

In this two hour workshop you will explore how to work with lotions, potions, candles, herbs, and incenses. You will also learn the best times for different kinds of magic, such as the phases of the moon or sun, the seasons and festivals, the flow of the tides, and the effect of the planets.

Creating your own spells is very easy. You will learn the basic rules of magic, spell work for attracting, banishing, and binding. You will learn about psychic protection, creating your own spell book, your book of shadows. You will take part in casting a circle, work with the elements, and learn how working with colours can direct the spell towards a purpose and goal. It is time to make your wish. By working with your magical and psychic powers, you can create your very own empowering spells, for yourself and others. Join Barbara and Flavia on a journey of self discovery.

Tools needed: notebook and pen, a crystal, amulet or talisman, and your thoughts and intentions of the spell you wish to cast.

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