Walking the Medicine Wheel (Working with the Four Directions)

Master Image for courseFor millenia, peoples of the Earth revered, respected and related to the energy and power of the planet and all the elements that drove this living system on. People understood and appreciated that their lives depended on the ‘right-relationship’ of all matter, which birthed such key instruments to life as the weather, the seasons, food creation and general well-being from the four corners of the planet..

Create and utalise an authentic, sacred stone medicine wheel to fully experience the wisdoms and transformational  attributes of the Four Directions; ‘Great North’, ‘Mystical East’, ‘Sacred South’ and ‘Ancient West’. Discover your ‘authenic voice’ in the North and the meaning of living your story. Moving to the East explore ‘right relationship’ and personal power. In the South we reconnect wih the sacred universal heartbeat. We complete this workshop in the West by harnessing the qualities of a true spiritual warrior – your ‘Shaman Within’. Walk out of this circle and into your life more alive, aware, connected to Source.

(Time allowing) As we make our way around the wheel, hands on activities will include:

  • Calling in a direction – mantra
  • Singing with your authentic voice
  • Smudging
  • Spirit Guide connection
  • Rattle and Drum work

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